Deadline Craziness.

I’ve delayed posting about the Computer Aided Verification conference (CAV) for about half a year. CAV 2012 was the second CAV I attended, with CAV 2010 having been the first. On both occasions, I did not pay much attention to the first half of the conference because of the Principles of Programming Languages (POPL) deadline and also did not immerse myself in the latter part of the conference because I was recovering from the deadline. The scheduling is not entirely symmetric. In both 2011 and 2012, the CAV submission deadline was a few days before the POPL conference started.

I imagine that these two venues historically had a very different focus. At present, program analysis papers appear in CAV and verification and logic papers appear in POPL, so there is greater overlap between material presented at the two venues. Even if deadlines are chosen not to clash, I think that authors will be facing pretty hectic schedules with submission and conference attendance dates being so close. One option, and a sensible one, would be to take it easier and consider fewer venues and make fewer submissions (since the total number of accepts I am left with does not seem to change all that much anyway).  Let me see if I can work on that in the coming year.

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