ETAPS 2010. Part 1.

Did we get the date wrong? Isn’t 2010  last year?

Yes. We know. But, when we landed in warm and sunny Paphos, it was this year and we thought: “This is amazing. We have to tell all those people we pretend to like back in cold and rainy England how the sun is browning our skins and how the warm waves are gently lapping at our feet and all those things we do for our true friends.”

Thus came our two correspondents to the idea of a blog. They saw that it was good and it pleased them. So much so that they promptly ordered a full mezze in the nearest restaurant causing a taste space explosion problem leading them to fall into a deep slumber for an entire week, at which point the conference was over.

A year later, with the wisdom of age and the ability to look back with fond memories, we had the startling revelation: Just because we weren’t there, doesn’t mean we don’t have to tell you about it. Without further ado, we bring you Vijay’s commentary on Philipp’s snapshots of ETAPS 2010.

We were very proud of our super-cheap hotel deal.

Until we discovered that the conference was 12km away! Despite the mendacity of Google Maps and Cyprus not being friends with The Internet,  we managed to find the conference hotel.

And reach the banquet in time for starters.

The main course was long. And meaty. And by strange coincidence, there were 7 vegetarians at my table. The serving staff were not deterred.

(Two massive fish plonk onto the table.)
“Sorry. We’re vegetarian.”
“I know. Fish eat only vegetables!”

Don’t make this mistake.

“Do you have Turkish coffee?”
“But we have Cypriot coffee.”

We were so full, we decided to work off the meal by hiking through the Avagas Gorge.

But we got terribly lost and wanted to ask for directions. And there in the wood a piggy-wig stood with no ring at the end of his nose.

Who sent us down a deep dark mine.

Where were were captured and subjected to mind-bending torture and thought it was all over …

But we managed to escape in the last minute and made our way back to civilisation by skiing down a mountain. Now you see why we took to long to write it all up? Moral of the story: If you see a conference being organised in Cyprus, Go There!

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